You wear a cloak as big as the sky

right over your bright and clean eyes.

It veils your world from all the good and

every opportunity is a shadow.

Every word is muffled.


You wear a cloak in fear–

because you learned that hiding

was a “good” way to persevere.

But all it does is choke your name.

All it does is deepen your shame.


You wear a cloak and call it a cave

to avoid the world and avoid the pain.

But you were meant to see and speak,

just like this, just by

sharing and exposing the truth

of what the cloak really is.


Your shining eyes were meant to see

and your heart was made to love and feel.

Oh darling, you were made to give.

You were made to be heard and live.

You Are So Needed

Why would you ever stay small?

Or crawl into your cave to stay away?


Your voice holds a formula, a song,

we have never heard before.


Don’t hold back what is uniquely yours–

don’t tarnish or devalue your craft.


You are everything needed

to flourish in the space which you’re a part of.


So please, don’t evade. You are

more than qualified to simply be yourself.

You Reading This

You were born to live

a wildly special life,

despite the impulse to cave,

despite the terrible love you’ll have to fight for,

despite the lie that you don’t deserve the same.


You reading this, deserve it all:

the love and joy you want to give and receive.

So keep your head up, smile,

and know with absolute certainty

it will all be worth it.

You Are Enough

You are stuck in between

being too much

and being too little.

But stop analyzing yourself.

You are enough.

You are enough.

It is enough to feel the way you do,

to be fully present in the present moment.

It is proof that you are alive,

in your imperfectly human way.

Take a deep breath. You are only human.

You are important.

You are enough.