A Secret Bond

It was a little gift

bashfully put together

inside a tiny carboard box

and sweetly tied

with a white ribbon.


It wasn’t much by sight,

but if you looked

inside the shared heart

of the giver and recipient

it was everything.

To Love You More

I want to love you more than anything in the whole world–

more than the moon and the stars

over the ocean at night,

or the beautiful mountain-tops streamed in sunlight.


I want to love you more than the flower gardens

and the summer rain,

more than the thrill of travel

and the depth of pain.


I want to love you as high as the sky can reach

and deeper than the earth’s deepest beach,

far beyond the circumference of the world,

and timeless, as this galaxy’s worth.


But sometimes– I don’t love you at all.

And I put off thanking you, for forgiving me.

And sometimes none of my words make sense–

when that’s all I feel I have to offer or pay with.


But the price is so high and my words are so limited.

And I want to give to you,

but there’s nothing I can do or say for this,


because it is Your love alone that can reach me.

It is Your love alone that can keep me.


And if I want to love You

more than anything in the whole world,

I need only Your love.

For You are love itself.

1 John 4:8


My Favorite Song

there is a song i have sung

my entire life.

it is the two bookends

for every experience captured in between,

split in the middle

to meet me in every moment of need:

in every high and low

and every misconception,

making every lovely redirection–


it always comes back to singing

You and me.

After the 14th

Something inside me broke–

and it’s been a gathering of shards and scraps since.

I’ve been holding the pieces in my arms

asking God for it to be fixed.

But maybe the shards of glass are just sand

and they’re meant to blow away with the wind.

Perhaps what was broken was intentionally finished

so I may receive what God wants to give.

You Are It For Me

life turned

this way

life turned

that way,

but it always came back to You.


no other words but

thank You.

thank You for

holding me

when I couldn’t hold my own self.


I never had to.

I was in the palm of Your hand.

John 10:28