Thank you for teaching me

that the best part of living,

of pushing through trials and errors

and breaking down barriers,

of having valleys and mountains

and moments of pure laughter…

the best part of living through blissful days

after rainy days

and the sleepless nights and starlit drives,

the mornings of beach sunrises

and evenings of family dinners with the hard goodbyes…


the best part about all of this

is I get to keep all of myself

and all of you.


And here.

These are the moments that we’ll remember,

when we revisit the same sidewalks,

when we park our cars in the lots we used to run through,

carefree in the nighttime. No second thoughts.

We’ll remember the joy and sanity

of having no responsibility but to be happy.

These are the moments we’ll go back to

when we can’t remember why we need to go on,

or why it’s always worth speaking the things

on the tip of our tongue.

These moments of bliss and

leaning over the edges of our seats, laughing,

need to be kept in our pockets.

Pull them out on a needed day.

It doesn’t matter if we let them get away–

these moments are ours.

They happened,

and there is more to come.

So hold on to them.

The Unpredictable

I cannot tell you

that these events blindsided me.

I had arrived home happily

when I got word of the



I cannot tell you

that I was numb to the words–

I fell apart on the street curb,

but still had to drive home



I cannot tell you

that I locked myself away

fell down on my knees

broken, and prayed

for reality,


and I cannot tell you

that in this private place,

the events took only a moment

to swallow, accept

and transcend.


Because this is all true,

just like we stood by the water

watching the crabs that day,

and the sun cut through the sky

illuminating our faces.


We were unhinged, uncovered,

vulnerable and real.

No performance.

No acting for a desired feel,

a moment kept as a peridot secret.


These events

pry on the unpredictable,

and it goes on and on.

It’s a cycle of absurdity

trying to break us.


But the slice of light

we caught that day

is a calm that surpasses

the on and on. It surpasses

every single doubting thought.