Thank you for teaching me

that the best part of living,

of pushing through trials and errors

and breaking down barriers,

of having valleys and mountains

and moments of pure laughter…

the best part of living through blissful days

after rainy days

and the sleepless nights and starlit drives,

the mornings of beach sunrises

and evenings of family dinners with the hard goodbyes…


the best part about all of this

is I get to keep all of myself

and all of you.

How to be Your Own Person

Maybe you cleaned up your toys and brushed your teeth,

You put on your jammies, ready for sleep,

And crawled into bed, waiting for mom

To come to your room and sing you a song

To go to sleep.


Her singing is sad and she almost cries

And that scares you, so you too rub your eyes,

Because now it is so that something is wrong

And you wonder how you two will now move along

In your sleep.


But she takes your fingers away from your eye,

She says, “Honey,” and breathes a deep, hopeful sigh,

“Mommy is sad, but you don’t have to be.

You are your own person and that’s the way it should be.”


“Mommy is sad, but that’s just for today,

Tomorrow we’ll wake with a bright, new day.

And how are you feeling? Weren’t you happy before?

Yes! That’s okay. You can be happy more.”


“I believe in you for all that you are,

I don’t want to stop you, it won’t get that far.

You are allowed to think what you do.

It will never upset me, in spite of my mood.”


“So now, close your eyes and drift off to sleep,

Dream your sweet thoughts which are oh so unique.

Know that it’s okay to feel the way you do,

Because no matter what, I will always love you.”

-December 2015


And when I was sitting at a dinner table

surrounded with family,

and we were holding our sides

we were laughing so hard,

and it was eyes closed and smiling

and leaning over the edge of our seats laughing,

it was then that I knew.


I was finally happy.

I was finally new.

-July 2017 and always

Their Love

Like the moonrise

they brightened my earth.

They showered my darkness.

All the little seeds I’d planted,

of love and waiting,

they shined on.

They watered my garden

of lilies and willows

and bloomed them into more.

Giving. All they did was give.

They gave me their smiles

with open arms,

and they excused my absence.

They told me I was enough.

They nurtured me back to whole

and gave me the best gift:

they gave me themselves.

And in my garden

where I kept my loved ones

to spark like wildflowers,

where I was kept as a wallflower,

they took me and placed me

in the midst of it all.

They took my sadness

and reminded me

that this kind of love was enough.

And after time,

it became a shower of light.

You would never have known

it was night.

Psalm 136:9