After the 14th

Something inside me broke–

and it’s been a gathering of shards and scraps since.

I’ve been holding the pieces in my arms

asking God for it to be fixed.

But maybe the shards of glass are just sand

and they’re meant to blow away with the wind.

Perhaps what was broken was intentionally finished

so I may receive what God wants to give.



smooth sailing

into the waters of August

and a glorious sunset–


water blasts

dark abyss

colossal misses

thunder claps

slapping sand

faceless, nameless

time passes

so slowly

possession, obsession

color drained

lost desire

craving higher


that initial

heart center

smooth sailing away.


Let me take you to my garden.

Let me take you to where I bloom.

Where my little patch of earth

of ocean and mountains, bright in hue,

sing a song of joy and gloom.

Together, at the same time,

is where you’ll find me,

but kept safe in loving, helpful harmony.

Just know that there is more to me

than what you’ve seen—


In your garden, I became a wallflower.

But in mine, you consumed the wildflowers.


Everything I feel in the day

Comes out at night,

Like the bass of thunder

And the flash of light.

It keeps me awake with its constant beating,

Slapping the texture

Of my aching heart.

With rain,

and pain,

and tearing.

But to fall asleep to the sound of the rain.

It washes the hurt

That is brought by your name.

And to witness that powerful shift to healing

Means far more to me

Than what Anxiety thought it was stealing.