Hi! My name is Anissa, I’m a believer, and I am a California-born and Florida-raised writer.

 I’ve been writing stories and poems since I was a child, finding it therapeutic in playing make believe and organizing my thoughts. As an adult, I’ve learned that writing is powerful for its way of connecting universal themes and sentiments with readers. In my experience the most rewarding feeling is when my stories and poems somehow managed to comfort close family and friends. Realizing that stories are universally impactful has fostered my admiration for the art.

 I received my Bachelors in English from the University of North Florida with a minor in Psychology. Some of my published works include a short story, “The Cherry Farm,” and a poem, “The Rose Garden.”

 For me, writing has been the most amazing outlet to put down on paper what is not only hard to speak, but what is also honest and hopeful. Since graduating, I am continually seeking to write in ways that are even more relatable, comforting and exposing. My goals include attending a Christian bible school in California (my current endeavor), teaching, and attaining a Masters in English or Creative Writing.