You Are It For Me

life turned

this way

life turned

that way,

but it always came back to You.


no other words but

thank You.

thank You for

holding me

when I couldn’t hold my own self.


I never had to.

I was in the palm of Your hand.

John 10:28


And here.

These are the moments that we’ll remember,

when we revisit the same sidewalks,

when we park our cars in the lots we used to run through,

carefree in the nighttime. No second thoughts.

We’ll remember the joy and sanity

of having no responsibility but to be happy.

These are the moments we’ll go back to

when we can’t remember why we need to go on,

or why it’s always worth speaking the things

on the tip of our tongue.

These moments of bliss and

leaning over the edges of our seats, laughing,

need to be kept in our pockets.

Pull them out on a needed day.

It doesn’t matter if we let them get away–

these moments are ours.

They happened,

and there is more to come.

So hold on to them.