Oh, let me come home to You.
I have been waiting for You
to fill my longing.

This world only brings me much pain.
It promised me good but refrained
from filling my longing.

I’ve seen what You have done for me,
to bring me out into Yourself,
how long You were patient.

You’ve loved me with an eternal love,
Have waited and prayed so long
For me to respond.

Lord, I’ve found with You I belong.
I’m sorry it took me so long
to fill Your longing.

Before & After

Once you were a carcass

with a throbbing thing inside,

a complicated, corrupted heart

that ate up every lie.


So small and feeble,

weak, and unknowingly evil,

unaware of hoarding vain treasures

to your own harm.


Run by every wind of trend,

arbitrary in reasoning,

and turning every which way

at every fleeting promise ever made.


Restless at last you were found.

Shined on in your dark,

self-defeated on the ground.

        This is when God came in.


Picked up and laid on His shoulder,

given food and water and rest and

He wants to invest Himself in you.


You were not meant to be swept up

in the tide of this age like a broom

to a dustpan with no purpose.


You were not meant to be an empty vessel,

or for happiness to wrestle,

but chosen to contain a golden treasure.


And you weren’t meant to be down-worn,

but you were meant to draw strength

from that golden treasure store.


Not your own effort but His grace, His faith.

Not material blessing, but diving into

His riches, on His very self to gaze.


Standing firm and unshakable,

never hopeless on the floor,

but deeply rooted and grounded in the Lord.


That is why God came in.


Ecclesiastes 1:14 & 5:13; Luke 6:48 & 15:5; 2 Corinthians 4:7; Galatians 2:20; Ephesians 2:4-5


        My heart is like a honeycomb.

Tiny pockets filled with things that make their home in me.

Things in the future, things in the present,

things that are merely remnants

of a past that is no longer me.

Things I don’t even know,

places I don’t even go.

Things that are true, things that are a lie,

things that are more than meets the human eye.


My heart is filled with so many things

that need to be scooped out,

that need to be replaced with Christ Himself.

I get lost in myself, trying to figure my heart out,

which is why He sweeps in me

like a woman searching for a lost coin.


I want to do the seeking myself, but I get torn,

and that’s when I realize that in myself,

I know nothing about feeling at home.


I don’t know myself,

proven by my wandering,

lost in all the pockets I find, seek, hide and keep.

But He knows exactly where to go, what to touch.

He knows me best, searching my deepest depths,

knowing my heart, melting my heart

for Him.


Luke 15:9